"Conservation is the 'Nature' of Our Business"




The Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District is governed by an elected Board of Directors. The Board consist of 17 members

elected from eight Sub-districts.  The board sets policy for the District and works closely with the staff through a committee

system to carry out the District's goals.  Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the District office. 

Committees normally meet the week before the Board meeting.  Special meetings are called as needed to consider important



Below is the complete catalog of every Board of Directors meeting minutes since the inception of the Upper Big Blue

Natural Resources District in July 1972.  Copies of all Board minutes can be made available upon request or by visiting our office.




Scroll of 2007 Board Minutes


Scroll of 2006-2005 Board Minutes



Scroll of 2004-2000 Board Minutes

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Scroll of 1999-1995 Board Minutes


Scroll of 1994-1990 Board Minutes


Scroll of 1989-1985 Board Minutes








Scroll of 1984-1980 Board Minutes


Scroll of 1979-1975 Board Minutes



Scroll of 1974-1972 Board Minutes





























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Board Minutes 

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