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Informative and Educational services are offered through the Public Relations Department which disseminates information through speaking engagements, press releases, quarterly newsletters, and traveling exhibits.  The goal of the department is to maintain an "open door policy", whereby the public can easily gain access to news worthy items and research information.  The department also provides special funding for scholarships and educational materials related to Nebraska's natural resources.  (Click the logo to the left for more details).



"Blueprint” is a quarterly newsletter distributed as newspaper insertions and through direct mail. Various NRD project and program updates, farming tips and conservation information comprises “Blueprint”, as well as profiling upcoming events and public information dissemination. Numerous topics/issues are addressed in a timely fashion between the covers of “Blueprint”. Also, each fall, the Conservation Tree Program order form is included to assist District constituents with ordering shrub and tree seedlings.  During FY 2006, articles discussing “CROP-TIP”, Nitrate testing, ground water level monitoring, conservation practices and cost-share information made their way into the pages of “Blueprint”.  Approximately 31,000 copies are printed each quarter for District saturation.  (Click the newsletter to the right

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The NRD works closely with FFA programs across the District. The Hampton FFA used the CROP-TIP research site and eventually placed second at the state level with their agricultural demonstration.  In conjunction to assisting FFA chapters with research, the NRD established the FFA Project Fund in 2006 to assist FFA programs within the District.  Various chapters have used this fund to purchase water and soil test kits to use locally in aiding their respective communities. 

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  Rus Gierhart, Upper Big Blue NRD Water Resources Technician, speaks to high school students in Sutton, Nebraska.   Writing a press release for the CROP-TIP Field Day.   Jesse Hoblyn and his First Place nitrate testing science project in York, Nebraska.   Graduation Day chronicles the beginning of new adventures.

Information and Education

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