​New Faces at the Upper Big Blue NRD

​New Faces at the Upper Big Blue NRD

Monday, November 7, 2022

Amanda McLeod
joined the NRD in October as a water data assistant. She is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in natural resources, with emphasis in conservation biology, and fisheries and wildlife management.

Her work with the NRD involves working with producer-reported water use data and tracking changes to land ownership.

Amanda is passionate about the environment, water conservation, and aquatic wildlife, especially turtles. In addition to her conservation pursuits, Amanda also enjoys archery and was one of the top archers in Nebraska in high school.

Erin Lee joined the NRD in July as a water resources technician. Erin grew up in York and is pleased to be back in the community where she has so many connections. She attended Kansas State University and earned a degree in biology and natural resources, then went to work for the Upper Niobrara White NRD in Chadron for several years. At the Upper Big Blue NRD, she oversees the chemigation program, including inspections and permitting. She is also involved with flowmeter inspections and battery replacements, as well as sampling for water quality and taking quantity measurements at certain times of the year.

What she enjoys most about her work with the NRD is being out in the field and working with producers.

In addition to her NRD activities, Erin is an athlete and a photographer. She has combined these passions by freelancing for the local newspaper as a sports photographer, covering high school athletics in the area.

The Upper Big Blue NRD is pleased to have both Erin and Amanda on the staff!