Cover Crop Broadcast Interseeding Demo Project

Cover Crop Broadcast Interseeding Demo Project


To demonstrate the effectiveness of broadcast interseeding cover crops before harvesting corn using a high clearance machine (around R5).


Land shall be located in the Wahoo Creek watershed, Shell Creek watershed, the eastern portion of Beaver Creek and Lincoln Creek watersheds, or priority areas in the Lower Platte South NRD. Fields must be currently planted to corn. Each participant may enroll up to 200 acres where cover crop seed costs are covered. Priority will be given to land with irrigation and in high‐traffic areas.

How To Apply

An interested producer should contact their local NRD office (Upper Big Blue, Lower Platte North, or Lower Platte South) to determine land eligibility and prepare an application. Applications will be reviewed by NRD and University of Nebraska Extension staff. 

Application Deadline: July 15.

  1. Print and complete a short application.
  2. Submit application to NRD. You can either email the application to your local NRD or drop off the application in person.
  3. Applicant may be the producer (either landowner or operator) with corresponding social security number or tax id number, but the application must have the signature of the landowner, or legal representative of the landowner.


  • There is no cost to the producer to participate in this project. The project will cover the cost of the cover crop seed, the machine, and the operator.
  • The producer may select one of two cover crop options: 1) – Rye only (90#/ac) or 2) Mix: Rye/Hairy Vetch/Rapeseed.
  • Current cash crop must be corn.
  • After seeding, if there is not 0.25” of rain or more, then the producer will irrigate the cover crop, if the producer has irrigated ground.
  • Termination is the responsibility of the producer.
  • If your farm is selected, you will be contacted by Nebraska Extension and/or your local NRD to discuss the cover crop seeding. You will be given an approximate time frame for when your cover crops will be applied. You will be notified once a specific application date is selected. Cover crop will be broadcast seeded between August 1 and September 15.
  • We will be looking for some farms to participate in informal field days. Field days will allow neighboring producers to watch the application process, inspect the machine, and inspect the seeding pattern.
  • All farms participating in this project will have a demonstration sign installed at the farm.
Additional Assistance/Education

Nebraska Extension Educators will be available to producers to assist in learning about cover crop selection, termination, soil health, water quality and other agronomic aspects of the project.

Important Note! By participating in this project, a producer who has not participated in the NRCS EQIP Cover Crop Initiative, may become ineligible for future participation in the Cover Crop Initiative.

Nebraska Extension Contacts:
NRD Contacts:
This project is supported by a Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy Nonpoint Source Pollution Program (Section 319) grant and implemented by the Nebraska Extension in partnership with the Upper Big Blue NRD, Lower Platte North NRD, and Lower Platte South NRD