Irrigators: Flow meters and uncontrolled runoff

Irrigators: Flow meters and uncontrolled runoff

Monday, May 17, 2021

It's Time to Check Your Flow Meter!
Be sure to check that your flow meters are functioning properly before you start irrigating. A properly functioning meter should not have condensation inside.  Irrigators in the district can now take advantage of an increase in the amount of cost-share funds available for flow meter repair. Thanks to a program change, the costshare funds are now offered at a maximum of 50 percent not to exceed $300. Previously, the funds allowed for 50 percent up to $150 for flow meter repair.

To access these funds, irrigators should complete forms on the NRD website to ensure that they qualify prior to completing the repairs. The maximum cost-share per
landowner for flow meter repair is $1,000 per fiscal year. The minimum cost-share payment is $100.

Stop Uncontrolled Runoff
It is illegal to operate an irrigation system that contributes to wasting groundwater. 

State law prohibits uncontrolled irrigation runoff. The NRD is responsible for enforcement of this law. Need help controlling irrigation runoff on your land? As part of the NRD Land Treatment Program, you can access costshare funds to improve your irrigation  system through sub-surface drip or VRI. Technical assistance is  available from the NRCS for solving runoff problems. For more information contact your county NRCS office or call the NRD at (402)362-6601.