(Original posted March 17; updated March 27, 2020)

The Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District office (319 East 25th St, York) is currently closed to the public to prevent the spread of illness.

“Our top priority is to protect staff members and the public that we serve,” said NRD General Manager David...Read More

Rev up your RV and dust off your camping gear. The Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District has set Friday, April 3, as the start date for the new camping season at their five recreation areas.

While the date is subject to change based on the weather conditions and results of quality testing of potable water for campers, the...Read More

Growing plots, compost bins, & rain barrels available to York gardeners

York resident Bob Sautter is itching for spring—for warm sun, the smell of fresh turned earth, and the promise of a new growing season. Sautter is a regular at the Project GROW community garden plots and has already reserved his space for the 2020...Read More

Few investments are as certain to produce a return as planting trees. In today’s instant gratification society, an investment that takes several years to pay dividends isn’t attractive to some. But those who know the enormous value of trees know that the best things come to those who wait.

The Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District...Read More

Environmental science students from Centennial High School and their teacher enter the lab of the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District carrying three samples of water—two in specimen cups and one in a mason jar. These samples were collected from their families’ homes in or near Friend, Exeter, and Utica in the last 48 hours, from private...Read More

Nebraska wildlife populations benefit from conservation practices

By Chrystal Houston, Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District

It’s a frigid winter morning near Beaver Crossing, Nebraska. Fresh snow has fallen during the night covering the few inches already on the ground. The temp is in the 20s,...Read More

Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District employees, producers receive awards

Four individuals from the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District have received awards in the past week for their service in several areas.

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Project GROW 2019 reports profit and sustainability

“It was kind of tough.” That simple understatement is how Scott Gonnerman described the 2019 growing season, a cycle impacted by heavy rain and lower than normal temperatures. “We didn’t have a lot of sun or a lot of heat, so it lowered our corn yield. It was not...Read More

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) collectively signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Jan. 28. This agreement is a renewal of a long-standing commitment between the NRDs and NRCS that reaches back to the Dust Bowl days.
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LINCOLN, Nebraska – In preparation for another legislative session, the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts will host their annual Legislative Conference to highlight partnerships and discuss natural resources policy at the Lincoln Embassy Suites Jan. 28-29.
The two-day conference brings together Natural Resources...Read More