The district is looking for ways to incentivize producers who try fertilizer application using chemigation as a means of increasing adoption of this practice. Chemigation is a useful way to apply chemicals and fertilizer onto fields using a center pivot to control application uniformity. All that is necessary to chemigate is an applicators license...Read More
In recent years, the district has seen an increase in the number of chemigation permits granted as producers are continuing to adopt chemical and fertilizer application through their irrigation systems as a practice to increase their crop yields. Chemigation, sometimes called fertigation, uses a center pivot or subsurface drip irrigation system to...Read More
The Rainwater Basin Region lies south of the Platte River and North of the Republican River from Gosper to Seward County.  Historically over 11,000 playa wetlands were scattered across this region covering 200,000 acres. These wetlands continue to provide important habitat for millions of waterfowl including 50% of the midcontinent population...Read More
In celebration of 150 years of Arbor Day and 50 years of Nebraska Natural Resources Districts, Nebraska City Tourism & Commerce has partnered with various NRDs throughout the state to gift a tree to every county over the course of the next year.

“On the first Arbor Day in 1872, one million trees were planted across Nebraska,” said...Read More
LINCOLN, Nebraska – Students and instructors from 29 high schools met near Gering to compete in State Land Judging Oct. 19. The North Platte Natural Resources District (NRD) partnered with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to host the annual competition.
With towering bluffs rising to the north, students...Read More

Whole field approach helps producers transition flood-prone cropland to pasture and maximize irrigation efficiency

Gayle Marsh says one thing has made his family farm in central Nebraska successful for four generations: frugality. Whether it was his great grandfather walking to Nebraska from Illinois because taking the train was...Read More
Producers in the Central Platte and Upper Big Blue Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) are encouraged to enroll their acres in the Nebraska Soil Carbon Project. This project provides financial incentives to producers who utilize key conservation practices in central Nebraska. Farmers can adopt soil health practices--including cover crops, no-till,...Read More
For Aurora area resident Kelsey Mersch, growing up near Pioneer Trails Recreation Area was a privilege that came with an added sense of responsibility. Mersch’s youth was spent kayaking and fishing on the lake and picnicking and walking the trails on the park grounds. Through her teen years, she gave back when she could,...Read More
Bats get a bad rap in popular culture. With frequent appearances in vampire films and haunted house attractions, bats are usually viewed as sinister, creepy, or malevolent.
The truth is, bats are highly beneficial, providing valuable insect control and pollination services. They are an important part of a healthy ecosystem in...Read More
Hall of Fame and Conservation Award Winners Recognized for Success
LINCOLN, Nebraska – Natural resources stakeholders and subject matter experts will be in Kearney for the annual...Read More