As the weather cools and leaves begin to fall, the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District is making plans for the end of the camping season. Camping will be finished for the season at all district recreation areas after October 25. The NRD manages five recreation areas. Tent...Read More
Abundant clean water is an essential component of Nebraska’s economy and the health and wellbeing of all Nebraskans. Stewarding this valuable resource through educating leaders is the goal of the Nebraska Water Leaders Academy. Through six 1.5-day trainings over the course of a year, participants...Read More
The sun is high in the sky and the temperature is rising on a late summer day in York County. Despite the heat, semiretired farmer Ken Janzen looks perfectly comfortable as he stands on the gravel road next to one of his cornfields. He’s seen plenty of scorching Nebraska weather in his lifetime of farming in this area. Rows of tall green stalks...Read More
On August 20, 2020, the Upper Big Blue NRD adopted changes to District Rule 5 – Groundwater Management Area Rules and Regulations. The amended District Rule 5 becomes effective November 1, 2020.  The geographic area affected by the Rule 5 changes includes the entire Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District except an area generally south and...Read More

NRD to support improvements to Geneva landmark

Since the 1900s, residents of Geneva have been enjoying local flora and fauna at a little fishing spot simply dubbed the Boys Pond. Surrounded by benches and bisected by a walking bridge, the 1-acre pond offers several places to quietly cast a line and enjoy the songs of the crickets,...Read More

Matt Lohr, United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) chief, spent time in Nebraska last week to learn more about conservation projects and partnerships in the state. His visit included sites in the Upper Big Blue and Lower Platte North Natural Resources Districts. Lohr visited locations where...Read More

The level of nitrate and other elements associated with negative health outcomes are rising in the soil in the Hastings Wellhead Protection Area, according to a study from Dr. Dan Snow, research professor with the Nebraska Water Center. In 20-30 years, Snow estimates that these...Read More

Interseeder Research Collaboration Makes Cover Crops Accessible for Local Producers

On a hot, dry, and extremely windy day in early June, Neal Hentzen surveys the dryland field on the edge of Seward where his corn is ankle high. The leaves on the plants whip in the wind like green streamers running in long, straight rows from...Read More
Rodney Verhoeff joined the staff  in June as the new assistant general manager. Verhoeff’s resume is impressive, listing more than 15 years of project and program management in government, corporate, academic and non-profit settings. He has worked with Nebraska’s NRDs in a variety of capacities, including...Read More
Operators within a management zone that has been designated a Phase III Management Zone must have their irrigation water tested for nitrates at least once every three years. Presently, Zone 5 is the only management area in Phase III Management. Zone 5 includes Waco, New York, Lockridge, Bradshaw, Beaver, and Leroy townships.

...Read More