Producers who wish to find scientific answers to agronomic questions can work with University Extension to design trials and collect data throughout the growing season. 

The Upper Big Blue NRD will continue to partner with local producers and University of Nebraska Extension in the university’s On-Farm Research Program in 2022...Read More
The Upper Big Blue NRD is divided into twelve groundwater quality Management Zones (map below). The median nitrate value for that zone determines the phase of management and therefore, rules and regulations. 

Taking a step...Read More
Amy Jones, executive director of Prairie Plains Resource Institute in Aurora, will be the first recipient of the Nebraska Water Leaders Academy sponsorship from the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District. This sponsorship opportunity was announced in 2020 and Jones is the first person to apply for...Read More
The Hastings Aquifer Storage and Restoration (ASR) Project continues to meet several milestones in providing a secured source of potable water for the City of Hastings and its wholesale customers. The wholesale customers include the Village of Trumbull, Clay County SID #1 and the Hastings Regional Center. The continued success of the ASR Project...Read More
The NRD offers producers assistance with flow meter repairs and qualifying upgrades of irrigation systems. Take advantage of these funds to maximize your irrigation investment. For details on either of these cost-share opportunities, please call the office at (402) 362-6601.

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Project GROW Winter Workshop to be held Dec. 7

Now in its fifth year, the annual Project GROW Winter Workshop, hosted by the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District, is going to look a little different this year. Rather than a narrow focus on soil health offered over the better part...Read More

Hampton, Fullerton, Heartland, Holdrege and Adams Central Students Headed to Nationals in May

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Students and instructors from 39 high schools met at the Bertrand Community Building to compete in State Land Judging Oct. 20. The Tri-Basin Natural Resources District (NRD) partnered with the USDA Natural Resources...Read More

Pedestrian Bridge Project Complete

A pedestrian improvement in Sutton that has been in progress for three years is finally complete. The bridge over School Creek reopened for use on September 20. The project, which was paid for in part with funds from the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District, provides...Read More
Student Research Project Looks at Water Quality in NRD Lake

Blayne Winkler might have looked like just another recreationist as he paddled a kayak across Recharge Lake throughout the summer months of 2021; however, it wasn’t a fishing line he cast over the side of his boat. Instead he lowered collection jars to the bottom of...Read More
The Upper Big Blue NRD has updated the online reporting portal. We listened to users’ feedback and have been able to incorporate many of your suggestions into this latest version. Some of the new functionality includes:
  • Being able to use one account to
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