New equipment encourages wetland restoration through cattle grazing

The sun is rising over a pasture just south of York on a late summer day. Prairie grasses sway in the breeze at the spot, called the Kirkpatrick Basin North. Black-Eyed Susans and Mexican Hats flash their bright yellows and reds to attract the buzzing...Read More

Due to concern from area agriculture producers about the format of the Public Hearing and Information Open House to be held on Monday, August 19, the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District has amended the event slightly and added a follow-up meeting.
The event on the 19th will begin at 7 p.m. and will offer the opportunity...Read More

As Nebraskans learned this past spring, you can’t predict when disaster will strike—but you can be prepared.

Funding for emergency preparation and other community enhancements was the main topic at a recent workshop presented at the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District office in York, August 7. The event was attended by 20...Read More

Chrystal Houston isn’t new to the area, but she is new to her position as public relations manager for the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District. As of August 1, she stepped into the position previously held by Scott Snell, who served in the role for 15 years.  
Prior to this position, Houston served as the...Read More
The Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District will hold a public hearing and informational open house on Monday, August 19, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Holthus Convention Center (3130 Holen Avenue, York). Anyone with an interest in water usage and quality issues in the district area is encouraged to attend this event.
The purpose...Read More

By Kyle Yrkoski, Water Resources Technician-UBBNRD
Chemigation, sometimes called fertigation, uses a center pivot or subsurface drip irrigation system to apply fertilizer and/or pesticides to growing crops.

Chemigation is an environmentally friendly method to apply your fertilizer and pesticide  to your...Read More

Wade Backstrom joined the UBBNRD in October 2018.  He is from David City and attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln where he received a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife.  Wade is a Water Resources Technician whose duties include flowmeter/well inspections, electronic flowmeter battery replacements and water quality...Read More

By Drew ten Bensel, Water Resources Technician

During April-May 2019, NRD staff measured roughly 500 observation wells throughout the District. The goal of these well measurements is to determine an average water level change for the District, based on a weighted change from each well.  For spring 2019 water level measurements, the...Read More

By Dan Leininger, Water Conservationist

Project GROW is starting its second full year. GROW is an acronym for Growing Rotational crops On Wellfields. The Upper Big Blue NRD, in cooperation with the City of York, is demonstrating the use of crop rotations and cover crops on part of the City’s wellfield to improve soil health and maintain...Read More

The Upper Big Blue NRD Board of Directors recently approved the Educational Capital Projects Fund (ECAP) to create, develop, or establish natural resource education outreach projects, programs, and/or curriculum.  This program provides funding for  natural resources related educational capital projects that create experiential learning...Read More