Upper Big Blue NRD wraps 2022 tree planting season

For 50 years, Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts have been committed to local conservation activities that safeguard soil and water resources. A bedrock of NRD programs has been tree...Read More
Approximately 50 directors and staff from Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) convened in Scottsbluff for the annual NRD Basin Tour hosted by the South Platte, North Platte and Upper Niobrara White NRDs, June 6-7, 2022. Two directors from the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District participated in the tour, David Robotham and Larry...Read More
A side-by-side comparison of soils from the Project GROW (Growing Rotational Crops on Wellfield) site and an adjacent field that is conventionally farmed shows the difference practices like no-till, cover crops, and rotational cropping can make.

In early May, NRD staff collected soil samples from two fields...Read More

Local lake assessed for fishery health

It is overcast and cool on the lake at Pioneer Trails Recreation Area on the morning of June 1, as a team from Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) readies their equipment: boats, buckets, long handled nets, and...Read More

Brazilian delegation visits Nebraska to learn about water resource management

How do Nebraskans manage water resources? What are the agricultural and environmental challenges in the state regarding water quality and quantity? And what can key decision makers from other heavily agricultural regions of the world learn from the way...Read More

Groundwater level declines, yet remains well above allocation trigger

During March and April 2022, staff of the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District measured roughly 500 observation wells throughout the district to determine an average water level change, based on a weighted change from each well.  For spring 2022...Read More
According to data reported to the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District, some district corn growers are not seeing maximum return on their fertilizer investment. This conclusion is based on information provided by corn growers in Phase II and Phase III...Read More
Program Provides Funding, Allows Farmers to Install Practices that Safeguard Soil Health

When Matt Grosshans started farming seven years ago in Hamilton County, he was interested in regenerative agriculture practices he’d learned about in college, including cover crops, reduced tillage, and rotational...Read More
Pollinator Day Event Held in York

Dozens of youngsters clad in vibrant orange tee shirts and filled with “school’s-nearly-out” energy packed the practice gym at York High School on Thursday for a Pollinator Day event, hosted annually by Nebraska Pheasants Forever. More than 130 students from local public and private schools...Read More
LINCOLN, Nebraska – Along with Lt. Governor Mike Foley and local dignitaries from the Nebraska Forest Service and Arbor Day Foundation, Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) celebrated their 50th anniversary with the planting of two Red Oaks on the Nebraska state capitol grounds for the 150th anniversary of Arbor Day.

“Arbor...Read More