In the event of groundwater use allocation, the NRD’s Rule 5 allows pooling of irrigated acres. Pooling is a process that combines large numbers of irrigated acres (multiple parcels of land), so that landowners and operators can average water withdrawal over the combined acres.  In an allocation event, pooling can help farmers optimize...Read More

At the Project GROW demonstration fields in York, things are off to a great start for the new growing season. Both the north and south fields were planted to rye last fall. The north field will be harvested for rye seed in late June or early July and has been contracted to Green Cover Seed in Bladen, Nebraska. Immediately after the rye has been...Read More
Through an agreement with the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy, and the guidance of JEO Consulting Group, the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District completed a Water Quality  Management Plan (WQMP) to serve as a road map to improve the water resources and water quality within the district. The WQMP utilized a technical...Read More

Following the lead of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District will reopen for overnight camping at local recreation areas on Wednesday, May 20 at 10 a.m., with some additional guidelines in place.

Campgrounds are open to both RVs and tents. Campers are encouraged to maintain social...Read More

During April 2020, NRD staff measured roughly 500 observation wells throughout the district. The goal of these well measurements is to determine an average water level change for the district, based on a weighted change from each well. For spring 2020 water level measurements, the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District staff has determined...Read More

On the morning of May 20, the campgrounds at Bruce Anderson Recreation Area (Recharge Lake) in York are set to open at 10 a.m.; however, the line of RVs stretching through the park’s main road has been here for hours. It’s a first come, first served campground and these campers were determined not to miss their opportunity to secure a spot for...Read More

Nebraska corn growers know that applying the right amount of fertilizer at the right time is essential to a successful growing season. Too little applied can be costly at harvest if there is a yield reduction, but too much applied can also be an expensive error as it means paying for nitrogen (N) fertilizer that never gets taken up by the...Read More

The wind is whipping across the cornfields on the outskirts of Stromsburg as the tree planting crew from the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District sets about their work on a warm spring morning. Soon the birdsong is interrupted by the heavy thrum of a tractor. Kyle Yrkoski, district forester, loads the pull-behind tree planting cart with 18-...Read More

Students, communities participate in Nebraska Tree-a-Thon

While coronavirus keeps school doors closed, educators are getting creative to provide learning experiences beyond the classroom. This week, students in York and Butler Counties received a special curriculum enhancement: trees. Public and private schools in these...Read More
OMAHA, NE (The Nature Conservancy news release) – The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) announced today that The Nature Conservancy in Nebraska’s project, “Resilient Futures for Nebraska Soil,” was selected as a project through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) for the amount of $4,419,304.

“I’m...Read More