By Drew ten Bensel, Water Resources Technician

During April-May 2019, NRD staff measured roughly 500 observation wells throughout the District. The goal of these well measurements is to determine an average water level change for the District, based on a weighted change from each well.  For spring 2019 water level measurements, the...Read More

By Dan Leininger, Water Conservationist

Project GROW is starting its second full year. GROW is an acronym for Growing Rotational crops On Wellfields. The Upper Big Blue NRD, in cooperation with the City of York, is demonstrating the use of crop rotations and cover crops on part of the City’s wellfield to improve soil health and maintain...Read More

The Upper Big Blue NRD Board of Directors recently approved the Educational Capital Projects Fund (ECAP) to create, develop, or establish natural resource education outreach projects, programs, and/or curriculum.  This program provides funding for  natural resources related educational capital projects that create experiential learning...Read More
Content for Circulation by NACD and NE Farm Bureau

Greetings from the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). We are looking for producers to participate in a research study titled Nebraska Producers’ Responses to Farm Bill Programs. If you are a crop producer 19 years of age...Read More
Upper Big Blue NRD Makes State History with Precedent-Setting Initiative
YORK, Neb. – The Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District (NRD) is embarking on the first-ever combined water quality management and voluntary integrated management planning processes in partnership with both the Nebraska Department of...Read More
Upper Big Blue NRD Receives Prestigious National Grant
York, NE--The Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District was one of 19 districts in 14 states awarded a National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) grant to boost technical assistance capacity for urban agriculture conservation projects...Read More
York has Project GROW in its future:  Well field enhancement plan earns $50,000 grant
By Steve Moseley Regional Editor, York News-Times, Nov 29, 2017

YORK – The Upper Big Blue NRD’s first-ever ‘Lunch and Learn’ introduced a very forward- thinking partnership that has been forged between the City of...Read More

During April-May 2017, the NRD measured 528 observation wells throughout the District and then averaged the data of all these wells. Observation wells are measured in the spring of each year, allowing the water table to rebound from the previous irrigation season. The observation wells measured are equally distributed geographically throughout...Read More