Cost-share Funds Double for Flow Meter Repair

Cost-share Funds Double for Flow Meter Repair

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Irrigators in the Upper Big Blue NRD can now take advantage of an increase in the amount of cost-share funds available for flow meter repair. Thanks to a recent rule change, the cost-share funds are now offered at a maximum of 50 percent not to exceed $300. Previously, the funds allowed for 50 percent up to $150 for flow meter repair. To access these funds, irrigators should complete forms on the NRD website to ensure that they qualify prior to completing the repairs. The maximum cost-share per landowner for flow meter repair is $1,000 per fiscal year.  The minimum cost-share payment is $100. 

Flow Meter Repair Cost-Share: Program Details

The Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District encourages the efficient use of groundwater for irrigation so that there will continue to be abundant water for all beneficial uses in our district. NRD funds are available for irrigators to repair and maintain flow meters. 

Repairs: Cost-Share Eligibility
All flow meters used in the district are eligible for flow meter repair cost-share once every four years. Mandatory flow meters are not eligible until the meter has been installed for four (4) years. Flow meters are not cost-share eligible while still under manufacturer’s warranty. Repairs must include proper installation in accordance with the district’s requirements. The district may waive the “proper installation” requirements for flow meters installed voluntarily prior to June 30, 2010, if the district can determine that the meter is recording accurately (plus or minus five percent).  

Repairs: Cost–Share RateThe cost-share rate is fifty percent (50%) not to exceed $150 per flow meter repair. The maximum cost-share per landowner for flow meter repair is $1,000 per fiscal year. The minimum cost-share payment is $100.  

Maintenance Program
The district is in the mandatory reporting phase of the Groundwater Management Area Rules and Regulations. Proper maintenance is critical to insuring that flow meters accurately measure groundwater withdrawal. Without regular maintenance flow meters will begin to provide inaccurate data and eventually fail. Routine flow meter inspection and maintenance is required for all irrigation flow meters in the district. 

Mechanical Flow Meters
Mechanical flow meters will be inspected and serviced on a five (5) year rotation. Maintenance and inspection will include an evaluation of the flow meter’s current operating condition, compliance with minimum installation requirements, lubrication of bearings and mounting gaskets as needed. A protective cover often referred to as a “canopy boot” may be provided at the district’s discretion. 

Electronic Flow Meters
Electronic flow meters will be visited every four (4) years. The district will replace batteries. The cost of batteries will be billed to the owner of the flow meter.

Eligibility & Cost-Share
All flow meters used on irrigation wells are required to be enrolled. There is no charge for this service. One hundred percent (100%) of the program’s funding is provided by the district.

Costs associated with repairs of a flow meter and/or its proper installation, determined by the maintenance inspection, are the responsibility of the well owner. Some flow meters may qualify for cost-share assistance for repairs (see reverse side). Applications for flow meter repair cost-share are available at or by contacting the office at (402) 362-6601.