High Risk Groundwater Areas

High Risk Groundwater Areas

NRD regulations limit well drilling and prohibit new groundwater irrigation transfers in the designated High-Risk Groundwater Area.

The area that is affected by this regulation is shown on the map below. Existing wells within the High Risk Groundwater Area may be replaced, but the replacement location is subject to the rules for well spacing listed in this document. 

Drilling of new wells must meet the requirements of Rule 5: Chapter 25 -- High Risk Groundwater Areas.

Well Spacing Rules:

  • Two miles from municipal wells
  • 1,250 ft. from ALL high-capacity wells
  • 1,250 ft. from domestic wells under different ownership

Maximum of:

  • 1 well per 80 acres or less
  • 2 wells per 160 acres or less

No transfer of water into, out of, or within the High-Risk Groundwater Area is permitted.

high risk map