Conservation Tree Program

Conservation Tree Program

Under the district’s seedling sales program, stock is provided to district patrons at the lowest possible cost. In order to assure quality stock, the seedlings are kept in a refrigerated state prior to delivery to the customer. To increase the survival rate, customers are instructed to prepare the site before planting. Following the planting, sufficient watering and proper weed control is imperative.

Trees orders are collected November through March and trees are delivered in April in time for spring planting. 

Seedling Sales and Planting

Seedlings Planted by the District

  1. The NRD will provide a complete tree planting service. This includes all necessary equipment, materials and labor.
  2. All trees and shrubs planted by the NRD will be ordered by the NRD. The sites are to be designed and planned by the NRCS or NRD, assisted by the customer, and submitted to the NRD.
  3. The order form to be used is the NRCS NB-Wood-1. Tree and shrub seedlings must be ordered in multiples of 25.
  4. Orders will be accepted between November 1 and March 30.
  5. Survival of the seedlings is not guaranteed.
  6. The customer will be charged for planting all trees ordered. Payment must be made by the time of planting.
  7. If 1,000 seedlings or more are ordered, 10% down will be required at the time of order. The balance must be paid before planting. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY PLANTING BE DONE UNTIL THE SEEDLINGS HAVE BEEN PAID FOR IN FULL.
  8. If the NRD is to do the planting, a minimum of 150 trees or shrubs must be ordered.
  9. The NRD will make a maximum of 120 plantings or plant 35,000 seedlings per season, whichever figure is reached first. The trees will do best if the ground is plowed or deep chiseled. If the ground is in sod form, plow or chisel in the fall and disc again in the spring. All customers will be notified prior to planting. If the plots are found unprepared to plant, the seedlings will be left with the customer. Any farmstead within the Upper Big Blue NRD boundaries is eligible.

Replacement Policy

Before replacement will be considered, the following criteria must be met by the customer:

  1. Proper ground preparation - plowed, chiseled and disked
  2. Seedlings watered during hot periods
  3. Weed control

NOTE:  The district will replace seedlings if the stock is found to be in poor condition prior to planting. Planting errors will also be a consideration.
Replacement will not be made under the following conditions:

  1. Seedlings damaged by floods or hail
  2. Seedlings damaged by mowing or destroyed by farm equipment
  3. Seedlings planted in sod
  4. Poor ground preparation
  5. Lack of care following planting

Funds Available to Customers

  • NRD/ State Cost-Share: Landowners may be eligible for assistance under the district’s Land Treatment Program (see Windbreak Planting NC-12)
  • Federal Cost-Share: Contact your local NRCS office for information.

Sources of Funds 

Program costs are paid for by tree/planting sales as well as local tax revenue collected by the NRD.

Seedlings Planted by Individuals or the District

  1. Seedlings must be ordered in multiple of 25.
  2. Orders will be accepted from November 1 to March 30.
  3. Survival of the seedlings is not guaranteed. The district will only replace seedlings if they are found to have been in poor condition prior to delivery to the customer.
  4. Payment must accompany the order.
  5. If 1,000 seedlings or more are ordered, 10% down will be required at the time of order. The balance must be paid before receipt of the seedlings, or planting of the seedlings by the district.