Conservation Plantings

Conservation Plantings

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Conservation Program Funding Opportunities

Storm Damaged Tree Replacement Program

This program is designed to encourage replacement plantings of trees and shrubs damaged or destroyed due to tornados, strong winds, hail and ice storms. This program is not for replacement of trees that have been damaged or have died due to winter kill, disease or insects.

Public Owned Property – The district will match 50% of the local share of the project cost of storm damaged trees on public right-of-way and public property with a maximum cost-share of $10,000. The city or village amount of district funding available is dependent on the annual budget.

Private Property – The district will match 50% of the private entity, or rural or urban homeowner’s share of the project cost of storm damaged trees on private property, with a maximum cost-share of $300 per homeowner. The amount of district funding available is dependent on the annual budget.

Conservation Tree Program (Seedlings)

Under the district’s seedling sales program/Conservation Tree Program, tree stock is provided to district patrons at the lowest possible cost. In order to assure quality stock, the seedlings are kept in a refrigerated state prior to delivery to the customer. To increase the survival rate, customers are instructed to prepare the site before planting. Following the planting, sufficient watering and proper weed control is imperative.

Community Tree and Native Grass Resources Programs

This program offers financial assistance to communities for the development or improvement of city or village tree or native grass resources. Two levels of participation are offered for tree resources. The first level (CTR-I) encourages cities and villages to develop a new tree improvement program, which qualifies them for the Tree City USA designation. A higher level of district assistance is available to communities that make such a commitment.
A second level of assistance (CTR-II) is available to cities, villages and other public entities which have developed a specific plan for tree replacement or new plantings. A five-year plan and an annual budget for tree resource improvement are required.

The Community Native Grass Resources Program offers financial assistance to communities to develop or improve city or village properties where the establishment of native grass would be beneficial. Such areas may include but are not limited to: lands surrounding wastewater treatment lagoons, lands within a Wellhead Protection Area, and areas suitable for wildlife habitat improvement.

Parks Program

The parks program offers financial assistance to communities for the development or improvement of natural resources in nature areas, campgrounds and park facilities. This program is available for any city, town, county or school located in the district. The district is not considered the lead agency in park development, but will assist in the funding. 

Living Memorial Tree Planting at District Recreation Areas

Families or friends may provide a living memorial by purchasing a special tree to be planted at a district-operated recreation facility. The tree is planted and cared for by the NRD and a small sign is erected— with the name of the person memorialized or honored—identifying the kind of tree. The trees are part of a planting plan developed by the district for each recreation area. The NRD is responsible for the tree during its normal life span. Species availability varies depending on the progress of the planting plans and previous purchases.  Contact the NRD for more information at (402) 362-6601 or

Windbreak Installation and Renovation

This practice provides for planting new or replacement windbreaks. As part of the district’s seedling sales program, applicants may purchase seedlings from the district for spring planting under this practice. Cost-share payment is made once the planting is completed and an NRCS or NRD technician certifies that the planting meets NRCS specifications.
Cost-Share Rate
The cost-share rate will be either 75% of the estimated cost (minus other cost-share funds) or 75% of the actual cost (minus other cost-share funds), whichever is less. The maximum cost-share is $7,500 per landowner per year, including all NSWCP and NRD cost-share received for the fiscal year. The minimum cost-share payment is $100.