Windbreaks & Large Plantings

Windbreaks & Large Plantings

The Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District is committed to helping district residents and landowners see the benefits available through windbreak planting. That’s why we offer low cost trees, planning and planting services. Orders are collected November 1 through March 30 and trees arrive in mid-April, just in time for spring.  

There are cost-share funds available through the district’s Land Treatment Program for qualifying landowners for the installation or renovation of a windbreak, as well as for the installation of weed barrier fabric mulch around a new planting.

Get started by completing this form or sending an email to Questions? Feel free to give us a call at (402) 362-6601.

2021 Pricing

  • Trees only: $1.18/tree 
  • Trees and installation: $2.36/tree
  • Fabric: $0.70 per linear foot + tax 

District Forester Kyle Yrkoski is ready to help!

Kyle Yrkoski, district forester