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The Upper Big Blue NRD offers an online option for water usage and Phase II/III Management Area reporting. Improvements have been added based on online user feedback. The UBBNRD is still mailing hardcopy reporting packets, but we encourage people to give the new version a try. Questions? Check out these video tutorials:

In the new version, you have the ability to view pertinent information about each well or tract all on one screen. Once submitted, each entry will be reviewed by district staff. Below are some questions that you may have along the way. If you have a question that is not covered in these FAQ or on the video, give us a call at (402)362-6601. We have technical support staff ready to assist you.


General Online Reporting

Q:  What Browser works best for Online Reporting?
Google Chrome

Q:  Who is eligible to set up an Online Reporting account?
Any Operator who reports water use or files Phase II & III Management Area reports.

Q:  Can I use one account to report all of my wells and tracts?
One of the updates in the new version allows for accounts to be grouped together. Staff did their best to build the initial groups. If you are logged in and are missing information, please call the office and technical support will work with you to get everything corrected.

Q:  How do I set up an Online Reporting Account?
All you need is an email address.

  • If you previously reported online you can use the same email address and password.
  • If we have an email address on file at our office but have never reported online, use that email address and click 'Forgot Password'. An email will be sent to that email address for you to set up a password.
  • If we do not have an email on file, just call our office and a technical support staff will get you set up.

Q:  What if I do not have an email address?
You will not be able to submit water use and Phase II & III Management Area reports online without an email address.  Contact the NRD office to arrange for hardcopy reports.

Q:  What criteria are there for passwords?
Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters without spaces.

Q:  How do I know my Online Report is complete?
Once you submit a report through the site, that entry will move from the ‘To Do’ list to the ‘Submitted’ list.  After District Staff review and approve the entry, it will move to the ‘Approved’ list and your report is complete. Another added feature in this version is an email confirmation. At the end of the business day an email confirmation will be sent to everyone who reported that day.

Q:  Is there a way for me to print a summary report once I have completed my reporting?
Yes, in the new version you can print a summary report for your records. Click 'Summary' and choose the summary report you would like to print.

Q:  What do I do if a report is sent back to the ‘To Do’ list by the District?
If a report has been questioned by District Staff, that report will be moved back to the ‘To Do’ list and you will be notified.

Q:  I am a landowner and I want to verify that my operator has filed all the necessary reports for my property?
At this time Landowners are not provided a log in.  In the future, the District hopes to provide that functionality.  You will need to call the NRD Office at 402-362-6601.

Water Use Reporting

Q:  There is a well missing, or a well I do not operate, on my ‘To Do’ list?
Please contact Online Technical Support to assist with that change at 402-362-6601.

Q:  I have a well that I did not use.  Or, I have a sealed inactive well.  What do I need to report?
If you have an inactive well or well you did not use please fill in the Entry Comment stating that you did not use the well.  If the well has a flowmeter enter the ending meter reading.  If the well has a seal place a '0' in the hours pumped.  That verifies to us that you did not just overlook the well when reporting.

Q:  What does ‘Rollover’ mean?

When the flowmeter register rolls over and restarts at 0.  Example, if the prior years flowmeter reading is 975,000 and the current reading is 165,000.  The register has rolled over. 

Q:  What is the ‘Entry Comment’ for?
You can let us know anything concerning this well or flowmeter.  Examples might be:  I no longer operate this well or the flowmeter is broken.

Q:  Where do I enter my flow meter reading?
Your ending meter reading or hours pumped will be entered in the area under the aerial imagery.

Q:  I have entered my flowmeter reading but it still shows on my To Do list?
After you enter your flowmeter reading you must 'Save' the reading.  From the Properties tab click 'Submit' to move the well to the Submitted list.

Phase II & III Management Area Reporting

Q:  What should I do if there are tracts missing from my ‘To Do’ list?
Please contact Online Technical Support to assist with that change at 402-362-6601.

Q: What should I do if there are tracts that I do not operate on my ‘To Do’ list? 
Verify your list of ‘Operating Partners’ by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click ‘Manage Your Account’.  Your ‘Operating Partners’ are those people you are responsible for reporting for.  If edits to the list need to be made, please contact Online Technical Support at 402-362-6601.

Q:  What should I do if I have entered my practices on a tract but the tract still shows on my 'To Do' list?
Each time you enter a practice on a tract you must 'Save' the practice.  Once you have entered all the practices for the tract, click 'Submit' to move the tract to the Submitted list.

Account Help

Q:  How do I submit an Account Information update? 
There are two ways to update your ‘Account Information’.  You can contact Online Technical Support at 402-362-6601; or email Technical Support by clicking the ‘Contact’ button on the left-hand side of the screen.