Kendall Siebert

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Kendall Siebert

Sub-District 5 Representative

300 S. Y Rd
Henderson, NE 68371

Kendall Siebert has lived in Nebraska most of his life. He lives in Henderson, where he farms and ranches with his family. His interests include hunting, trapping, fishing and gardening. He joined the board of the NRD in 2021 because he believes “when living in an area like ours, community is very important. Having a local entity like the NRD can play an important role in building the community by helping to protect and preserve our natural resources for generations to come and by working with the people in our communities.” He believes that board members need to “understand the people’s problems and lifestyles so we can properly represent them.”

He wishes more people understood how rare a local agency like the NRD is. “We are the only state in the nation that has [NRDs],” he said. “Whether you like what they are doing or not, you have local people and meetings to attend to have your voice heard and you are not having to go to your state legislature to make a difference at your local level.”

Years of Board Service