No-Till on the Plains to Host 25th Anniversary Celebration and Field Day

No-Till on the Plains to Host 25th Anniversary Celebration and Field Day

Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Berryton, KS--No-till on the Plains is returning to in-person events this summer. The final of three field events to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the annual Winter Conference will take place on August 10 at Rogers Memorial Farm, Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Rogers Memorial Farm is typical of many small dryland farms in southeast Nebraska. It is a half section farm (about 300 acres) and is located approximately 10 miles east of Lincoln, Nebraska. Several University classes use the farm as an outdoor laboratory for real-life situations and experiences. The terrain consists of two-thirds of sloping, terraced hills, while the other third is flat. The silty clay loam soils have slow infiltration rates and show evidence of past erosion.

The Department of Biological Systems Engineering has dedicated this farm to soil and water conservation activities, evaluating and demonstrating both cultural and structural practices. No-till on the Plains Board member Paul Jasa conducts research on cover crops, fertilizer application rates and tillage practices at the farm. “Paul Jasa has been providing high quality soil health information and great technical advice for Nebraska producers for many years. I consider Paul one of my mentors,” says Michael Thompson, No-till on the Plains president.

Following lunch, attendees will hear Clay Center (KS) producer Josh Lloyd share his experience earning higher profits utilizing soil health principles on his farm. 

Registration and information for the event are available at Cost is $25 the optional lunch is an additional $15.
No-till on the Plains Annual Sponsors: Green Cover Seed, Exapta Solutions, General Mills, Upfield North America, Noble Research Institute, #NoRegrets Initiative, Kansas Soybean Commission, Advancing EcoAgriculture, Kansas Department of Agriculture-Division of Conservation
Visit or call (785) 210-4549 for registration information. Pre-registration online is required.