Soil Health

Soil Health

Cover Crops
Having plants growing most months of the year has many benefits.  Cover crops prevent wind and water erosion to soils by providing cover to the land surface.  That same cover acts as a mulch to suppress weed germination.  The plant material and root network feed soil microbes, break hardpans, sequester nitrogen, and increase organic matter.

The NRD offers cost-share opportunities for producers in certain areas who want to introduce cover crops. Please call the office at 402-362-6601 to find out more, or check out this NRD program or the Nebraska Soil Carbon Project.

Soil Health
The biology of the soil includes bacteria, fungi, arthropods, and earthworms to name a few.  To have healthy soil there needs to be a vibrant soil biology that will provide plant protection and give plants better access to water and nutrients. Learn more about Soil Health from this comprehensive NRCS site

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